-From what amount are my items shipped for free?

Within the Netherlands, that amount is 50 euros.
There is no free shipping for shipments abroad.

-Are my purchased items shipped insured?

During checkout you can choose whether you want your shipment to be sent by regular mail
or for registered / insured shipment. In addition, your items will be shipped well packaged.


-I have paid for my order, but I want to add another item to my shipment. Is this possible?

This is possible, provided the shipment has not yet gone. In this case, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible by telephone (06-81285467).
Or possibly by email ''


-I want to sell my Coins / banknotes collection. Is this possible with you?

Yes, we buy collections of coins and banknotes as well as (a number of) loose coins.
Please contact us without obligation.
By phone: 06-81285467
Valuation at our office is free.

-I'm looking for items that are not on your website. Can I order it from you?

Depending on the items you are looking for, we can order some coins and banknotes. Please feel free to contact us by email to  with the specifications of the items you are looking for including quantities. After you have sent us an email, we will send you a quote without obligation. Then we would like to hear within 3 days whether you want to place this order.

 -What do the following qualities mentioned with products mean?

Qualities for coins:


The coin has been in circulation even longer and has therefore worn off very much. Year type and currency can often still be traced.

Very good:

The coin has been in circulation for a very long time and has worn off a lot, especially at the higher parts such as the hair and the lion. Parts of the text can only be readable.


The coin has been in circulation for a fairly long time and therefore also has multiple and larger wear spots. The finer details are hardly visible anymore.

Very nice:

The coin has been in circulation for a long time and shows wear on the higher parts. The original FDC shine has disappeared. All details are still clearly visible, but not sharp. 


The coin has only been in circulation for a short time and shows hardly any visible signs of wear.


When a coin leaves the press it is FDC. Then she falls into a bucket and usually immediately becomes UNC. The coins rub against each other by falling in and during further transport. causing slight superficial damage. Also called "Bagmarks" in English. Furthermore, the same description applies to a UNC coin as to FDC. Especially with larger coins it can happen that droplets and pits arise. If this type of damage is minor, the coin falls into the UNC category. UNC originally comes from the English word "uncirculated", also known as uncirculated. 


Bu coins use better quality washers (coin plates) and the stamps are specially processed. A light matte finish is applied to the engraving to enhance the design. A BU coin is a normal circulation coin that has never come into circulation, so that traces of the production process may be visible, but damage from intensive use does not occur. 


The coin has the quality FDC when the coin comes out of the press and before it falls into the collecting bucket. These coins are undamaged, do not show any signs of wear or other defects. The coin is in perfect quality. The mint also has an original shine (matte egg shine). However, this shine disappears with the use of the mint. If you keep the coin carefully, the FDC shine will remain and you can continue to speak of a coin with an FDC quality.

proof like:

With prooflike coins, only the coins are polished and the stamps are treated with extra care. More coins are minted per stamp than with proof coins. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a prooflike coin and the first turn of a new stamp on a randomly beautiful coin. Prooflike coins are also very fragile, the mirror surface is easily damaged.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


David van Vugt