Delivery and shipping costs


We make every effort to deliver your placed order to you as soon as possible. We try to ship orders before 16:00 the same day. Most of the products we supply are immediately in stock. However, it may happen that a product is no longer in stock or may be delivered to order. This is also stated with the product you ordered, including the number of delivery days. We will keep you informed of this as well as possible. Please note that we only ship on working days. We send our letters and packages with Post NL. Provided you order before 15:30 and the mail is on time, you will receive your order the next (working) day. NB! Orders placed on Friday are usually received on Monday or Tuesday after the weekend. For further questions feel free to contact us.


Shipping costs and free shipping:

You will receive from us for orders from 50 euros free shipping throughout the Netherlands. The precious metal category is excluded from this. If a product is in the Precious metal category, it does not count towards the amount of 50 euros. If you order 50 euros or more for other products and products from the Precious metal category, the total shipment will be according to the precious metal rate due to fully insured shipment. 
For orders outside the Netherlands we do charge shipping costs and there is no free shipping option. With orders in the Netherlands shipping costs are charged below 50 euros. For this we have the following 5 options:

-Shipment up to 50 grams: € 2,50
-Shipment up to 100 grams: € 3,50
-Shipment up to 350 grams: € 4,25
-Shipping up to 2 kilos (letterbox package): € 4,95
- Registered / insured shipping up to 9,5 kg as a package: € 9,50

precious metal:

-Insured shipping up to 9,5 kilos as a package €15 (within the Netherlands) 


Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to have products shipped internationally by regular mail. This ensures that it is only possible to send per package. These packages will be shipped insured. The following rates apply;


In Europe:

-Package shipping up to 1,9 kilos: € 17,50
-Package shipping up to 4,5 kilos: € 27,50
-Package shipping up to 9,5 kilos: € 30
-Package shipping up to 19 kilos: € 40


-Package shipping up to 1,9 kilos: € 32,50
-Package shipping up to 4,5 kilos: € 49,50
-Package shipping up to 9,5 kilos: € 60
-Package shipping up to 19 kilos: € 115

Take Away:

Do you live in Dordrecht or will you be in the area soon? Then choose the option to collect with your payment. This option is of course free and also saves costs for you as a customer. Collection is by appointment, however, so please contact us by phone at 06-81285467 or by email .


Willem 2 and his coinage

At the Dutch court mainly French was spoken. It was the neat language to distinguish yourself from the mob. It is therefore not surprising that Willem had a French-language version as his nickname: Guillot. As a boy of two, he had to flee with his family from the land of which he would later be king; to Berlin in Prussia. There Guillot would grow up at the Prussian court and start at the military academy at the age of eleven. 


Willem 1 and his coinage

Contrary to what you might expect, King Willem I is not the first king of the Netherlands. That was Louis Napoleon. This younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned king of Holland by the dictator pur sang. Lodewijk Napoleon had yet to win the heart of the Dutch. After centuries of being a republic, they suddenly became a monarchy.


The Roman era and its coinage

Everyone has their own image of the Roman Empire. Perhaps known to you for the still existing aqueducts, the gladiators in the arena, the films about the Romans with their emperors, the weapons and armor or perhaps the big trade? But where did it all actually start?


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