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Willem 2 and his coinage

At the Dutch court mainly French was spoken. It was the neat language to distinguish yourself from the mob. It is therefore not surprising that Willem had a French-language version as his nickname: Guillot. As a boy of two, he had to flee with his family from the land of which he would later be king; to Berlin in Prussia. There Guillot would grow up at the Prussian court and start at the military academy at the age of eleven. 


Willem 1 and his coinage

Contrary to what you might expect, King Willem I is not the first king of the Netherlands. That was Louis Napoleon. This younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned king of Holland by the dictator pur sang. Lodewijk Napoleon had yet to win the heart of the Dutch. After centuries of being a republic, they suddenly became a monarchy.


The Roman era and its coinage

Everyone has their own image of the Roman Empire. Perhaps known to you for the still existing aqueducts, the gladiators in the arena, the films about the Romans with their emperors, the weapons and armor or perhaps the big trade? But where did it all actually start?


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